Quantum Design Will Demo at PackExpo Connects with 3 Product Lines; CTC, KTI and Quantum Design Control Systems

Caledonia, IL, September 2020 – Quantum Design, a Control Systems Integrator and owner of several equipment product lines serving the packaging industry, will participate in the PackExpo Connects virtual tradeshow in November 2020. Quantum Design has 4 demos planned during the event showcasing their Control Systems Integration services as well as converting equipment from the CTC and KTI product lines.

CTC alongside KTI, two well-known converting equipment product lines, will demo a Clamshell Lap Splicer in addition to their popular 800C Unwind Tension Compensator and Splicer Mechanisms. The Clamshell Splicer, designed specifically for the packaging industry, offers the flexibility and reliability needed for now and the future. This lap splicer model not only saves money but can save on time and raw materials as well. It’s easy to operate clamshell design features a convenient horizontal prep. Low roll loading height, a pneumatic brake system and adjustable tension control system with horizontal web festoon make this lap splicer user-friendly and efficient.

The Clamshell splicer works with a wide variety of materials and boasts speeds up to 600FPM. Newly designed PLC controls with HMI touch screen and minimal power requirements make this machine easy to integrate into existing packaging lines. Additional options including right or left configuration, various core shaft sizes and in-register splicing for pre-printed webs.

CTC will also demo the Unwind Tension Compensator, more widely known as the 800C, their number one selling product. The Unwind Tension Compensator is a basic mechanical servo mechanism for controlling unwind tension on rolls of film, foil, paper, tape, wire and similar materials. It can be used in any roll fed application which has moderate acceleration characteristics, does not require extremely low tension and does not have severe intermittent web dynamics.

The mechanism is comprised of a compensating brake and a pivoting, two roller sensing module. The sensing module is spring-loaded and connected to the compensating brake via a feedback cable and pulley system. When the sensing rollers change their position in response to changes in roll diameter, speed, acceleration, and brake coefficient of friction, the feedback cable adjusts the compensating brake to keep the system in equilibrium. The 800C supports web widths up to 20 inches, roll diameters up to 30 inches and line speeds up to 500FPM.

Finally, CTC will show how a Splicer Mechanism can be an economical alternative to buying a complete automatic splicer for both OEMs and end-users. Control program flowchart and schematics for operation are provided and several different models are offered.

Quantum Design Control Systems, another QDI product line, will showcase their control systems automation and design services. Visitors to Quantum Design Control Systems demo will learn about factory floor automation and how tying multiple pieces of factory equipment together can improve processes and provide valuable data. Quantum’s demo will highlight the company’s system integration capabilities through a graphical factory floor using Rockwell Automation’s Reviews SE showing conveyors, process lines, equipment and more.

In addition, Quantum Design Control Systems will provide an overview of the turnkey automation services they provide from engineering design to control panel build through commissioning.

To learn more about Quantum Design and all of its product lines visit www.quantumdi.com or visit our virtual showroom at www.pe.show/403 and attend PackExpo Connects.