Lap Splicers

Lap Splicers

Lap Splicers: Custom Designed to fit your process.

CTC is a leading manufacturer of narrow and mid web Automatic Lap Splicers. Our machinery is specified by OEM’s and end users, including large and small companies. CTC Lap Splicers can be found on six continents, in a wide range of diverse applications worldwide.

While many standard applications world wide designs are available, application engineering is our specialty. We can engineer equipment to fit in extremely small spaces, and in unusually configured areas. The Splicers are available in a virtually unlimited range of configurations and sizes to meet the most restrictive requirements.

We apply the most modern technologies, including advanced tension control systems for the most accurate and lowest tension available, AC and DC drive systems, PLC and touch screen controls, and modems for remote diagnostics and program updates. This approach allows CTC to provides Splicers with the minimum amount of parts, while retaining the greatest flexibility and user friendliness.

Lap Splicer Features/Options

  • Available free standing or as a customized plate mounted module.
  • Simple straight forward configurations.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cantilever design where possible.
  • Customizable compact configuration.
  • Simple threading web festoons.
  • Air shafts.
  • Durable construction.
  • Industry standard electronics with “Off the shelf” availability.
  • No connection required between splicer and parent machine.
  • Lateral adjustment built into airshaft.
  • Adjustable core stops.
  • Left or right hand web exit and bi-directional unwind spindles.
  • Three types of expiring roll sensing systems from which to choose.
  • Parent machine e-stop connection.


  • Heat seal splice (lap or butt).
  • Tape butt splice.
  • Multiple sizes of core shafts.
  • Wipe/Wash down duty.
  • CE compliance.
  • Higher line speeds.
  • Modem for remote diagnostics and modifications.
  • Touch screen controls.
  • Registration for preprinted webs.
  • Application engineered for unusual requirements is our specialty.