Splice Mechanisms

As an alternative to buying a complete Automatic Splicer, CTC also offers Splicer Mechanisms.  Splicer Mechanisms make automatic splicing more economical for both OEM’s and End Users.  The control program flowchart and schematics for operation are provided. Pneumatic valves are also available as an option.

Tape Lap Splice

  • Standard tape or transfer tape
  • Shear blades or rotary flying cutter knives
  • Web widths up to 36 inches

Heat Seal Lap Splice

  • Thermal Impulse splice bond
  • Shear blades, rotary flying cutter knives, or hot wire cut-off
  • Web widths up to 36 inches

Tape Butt Splice

  • Applies tape on one or both sides of the web
  • Rotary flying cutter knife
  • Web widths up to 20 inches

Heat Seal Butt Splice

  • Thermal impulse splice bond and cut-off
  • Web widths up to 48 inches