About CTC

CTC is a well-established brand of custom engineered Unwinds, Splicers and Rewinds for the web handling and converting industries.  Founded as a company in 1961, the first product was the unwind tension compensator, now known as the “800C”.  There are over 10,000 800C units in operation globally making this CTC’s number one selling product.

Over the years, the CTC product line has expanded greatly into the automation of virtually any web fed converting process.  CTC custom engineers’ equipment for automating the raw material, finished product and waste byproducts in a range of industries.  CTC equipment can be found in the production of Tag & Label, Packaging, Film, Nonwovens, Building materials, Wire & Cable, Food, Cosmetics, Composites and a range of other applications.

Working with both OEM and end-users, small and large, local or global, CTC has formed long term relationships with valued customers and is considered a “trusted advisor” in the industry.  Equipment designs, innovation and technology advances are tailored to individual customer needs by listening to what our customers want and need as well as asking the right questions to develop the best solution possible.

In August 2018, CTC was purchased by Quantum Design Inc. home to KTI, a former competitor of CTC.  By adding CTC to their product family, Quantum Design is able to serve a wider web handling, converting market.  Quantum Design is happy to continue serving existing CTC customers providing spare parts, service and new CTC equipment.

To read the full press release on the CTC acquisition, please visit our News page.  To learn more about Quantum Design, visit www.quantumdi.com.