Unwind Tension Compensators

The 800C012 Unwind Tension Compensator is a basic, completely mechanical servo mechanism for controlling unwind tension on rolls of film, foil, paper, tape, wire and similar materials.  It can be used in any roll fed application which has moderate acceleration characteristics, does not require extremely low tension and does not have severe intermittent web dynamics.


The mechanism is comprised of a compensating brake and a pivoting, two roller sensing module.  The sensing module is spring-loaded and connected to the compensating brake via a feedback cable and pulley system.  When the sensing rollers change their position in response to changes in roll diameter, speed, acceleration, and brake coefficient of friction, the feedback cable adjusts the compensating brake to keep the system in equilibrium.


  • Integral cantilevered roll shaft with “screw-on” chuck
  • Mechanical servo brake control system
  • Sensing roller assembly
  • Tension adjustment dial
  • Cast aluminum housing with four machined pads and pre-drilled mounting holes


  • Lateral adjusting roll shaft with ±0.5” adjustment
  • Mechanical quick-lock core chuck
  • Leaf type pneumatic core chuck in various sizes
  • Fluid damping kit for intermittent web dynamics


  • Web Widths up to 20 inches
  • Roll Diameters up to 30 inches
  • Core Diameter:  3 inch
  • Line Speed up to 500 FPM
  • Tension ranges:  1.5-5, 2-10, 5-15, 7-21, and 8-25 pounds
  • Tension accuracy:  ±3% of the tension setting

Looking For Different Style or Size?

Our sister company KTI has a long list of Unwind Tension Controls for you to choose from.

KTI is a world-class manufacturer of automatic splicers and turret rewinders. From our initial offering to the newspaper industry, we have expanded to serve numerous markets including tag and label, package printing, converting and more. KTI’s steady growth over the years is a testament to our equipment’s ability to maximize the production of web fed operations around the world.