Our Products

CTC is an innovative manufacturer of Unwinds, Splicers, Rewinds and related components. Our Automatic Splicers and Turret Rewinders provide efficient nonstop operation, saving time, money and valuable material. CTC products are Globally used in 50 Nations. Companies of all sizes seeking customized solutions rely on CTC as their go to source.



CTC’s Unwind Roll Systems are application engineered for roll size, type of material, tension requirements, web speed, etc. The tension control systems available are: Completely mechanical servo, electro-mechanical, AC Vector, AC Servo, and pneumatic brake.



CTC is a leading manufacturer of narrow and mid web Automatic Lap Splicers. Our machinery is specified by OEM’s and end users. CTC also offers a comprehensive range of standard and application engineered Butt Splicers to meet a variety of non-stop production requirements.

Turret Rewinders

CTC introduced Turret Rewinders to the Label Industry in 1977. We continue to innovate, develop and refine these machines, adapting to the ever changing needs of the industry. Our combination of experience and fresh ideas is your guarantee of the highest performance equipment

CTC Works with the Following Manufacturers