Turret Rewinders

CTC AC Servo Drive Automatic Turret Rewinders come in 3 sizes; small, medium and large to fit a variety of roll sizes.  Standard features and additional add-on options are the same for all three models.  In addition, these turrets can be in-line or off-line and use hot-melt core glue or glueless start.


  • Rugged steel plate construction
  • Short web path for simple set-up
  • Compact design promotes superior portability
  • Clutch-less AC servo-drive system
  • Strong turret disk support system assures minimal deflections
  • Wind full-width webs or multiple streams
  • Short cycle times for small roll productivity
  • Flexibility to wind small rolls on small diameter spindles and large rolls on large spindles
  • Four (4) pneumatic spindles with bleeder valves for repositioning of cores at any time
  • Automatic spindle inflation and deflation
  • Adjustable automatic swing-back core stop
  • Slide out core glue pot eases re-positioning of glue wheels and cleaning of pot
  • A 7-day programmable glue timer controls pre-heating of the hot melt glue system
  • Adjustable constant torque or tapered winding tension
  • Adjustable counting system can be set to read in feet or meters
  • PLC controls with adjustable height HMI
  • On screen help with corrective actions for faults
  • Multiple job recipe menu
  • Remote diagnostics ready with an eWON COSY IP router


  • Spindle sizes down to ¾”
  • Dynamic outboard spindle supports
  • Automatic tail gluer
  • Automatic roll eject
  • Count and cut between labels
  • Unique tricycle caster system
  • Spray core glue system
  • Semi-automatic core loader with manually loaded tray
  • Roll closure system
  • Roll closure system with print-and-apply labeling
  • Automatic core loading system with feeder bowl
  • Slitting module
  • End of roll pen marking system
  • Glueless Start


  • Web widths up to 20 inches
  • Roll diameter up to 8 or 13 inches
  • Core diameters from ¾ to 3 inches
  • Line speed up to 500 FPM

Looking For Different Style or Size?

Our sister company KTI has a long list of turret rewinders for you to choose from.

KTI is a world-class manufacturer of automatic splicers and turret rewinders. From our initial offering to the newspaper industry, we have expanded to serve numerous markets including tag and label, package printing, converting and more. KTI’s steady growth over the years is a testament to our equipment’s ability to maximize the production of web fed operations around the world.