Heat Seal Splicers 

CTC offers heat seal splicers in lap or butt splice designs.  They can be configured with a vertical or horizontal festoon and unwind core shafts can be oriented side-by-side or roll-over-roll.  Originally designed for the nonwovens industry, they are well suited to use with delicate webs at low tension.


  • Heat Seal Splicer with Rotary Flying Cutters
  • Heat Seal Lap Splicer with Hot Wire Cut-off
  • Heat Seal Butt Splicer with no tail


  • Two (2) cantilevered 3-inch pneumatic core shafts with lateral position adjustment
  • AC Vector drive system
  • Selectable unwinding direction 
  • Horizontal or vertical air-loaded web festoon and adjustable tension control system
  • Dynamically balanced low-inertia rollers 
  • Automatic splice initiation based on roll diameter or manual pushbutton


  • Servo drive system
  • Servo-driven festoon
  • Various core shaft sizes available
  • Remote diagnostics ready with an eWON COSY IP router


  • Web widths up to 34 inches
  • Unwind roll diameter up to 60 inches for nonwovens or 40 inches for films
  • Line speed up to 1200 FPM
  • Web tension as low as 0.5 lbs (total)

Looking For Different Style or Size?

Our sister company KTI has a long list of heat seal splicers for you to choose from.

KTI is a world-class manufacturer of automatic splicers and turret rewinders. From our initial offering to the newspaper industry, we have expanded to serve numerous markets including tag and label, package printing, converting and more. KTI’s steady growth over the years is a testament to our equipment’s ability to maximize the production of web fed operations around the world.