CTC’s Unwind Roll Systems are application engineered for roll size, type of material, tension requirements, web speed, etc. The tension control systems available are: Completely mechanical servo, electro-mechanical, AC Vector, AC Servo, and pneumatic brake.

Fully Cantilevered: Both the roll support arbor and the dancer rollers are cantilevered.

Partially Cantilevered: The roll support arbor is cantilevered, and the dancer system is supported at both ends.

Fully Supported: The removable air shaft is supported at both ends, and the dancer system is supported at both ends.

30″Diameter Roll Unwind Stand with Splice Table and Web Guide
Unwind Roll Stand with Reserve Position Splice Table and Web Guiding

AUTOMATIC WEB GUIDING:  For wider stands that require automatic web guiding, the stand is constructed so that it rides on linear anti-friction bearings which are mounted on the base plate. An electro mechanical web guide system employing a linear actuator shifts the upper portion of the stand in response to signals from the web position sensor. For narrow stands, a web offset pivot guiding system is provided when automatic web guiding is specified.

A low web alarm system is available to signal approaching roll run out.

Unwind Stand with Roll Loading
Double end supported unwind for wider webs