CTC custom designs Rewind Roll Systems to serve as the wind up units at the exit end of various converting processes such as printing, die-cutting, laminating, coating, etc.

The type 300RW Rewind System is application engineered for each specific end use. In its simplest form, the 300RW unit is a plate mounted arrangement comprised of a precision mounting plate, and integral cantilevered roll support arbor, and adjustable magnetic particle slip clutch driving the arbor, and a constant speed motor driving the clutch. The winding tension may be adjusted by the operator to suit the type of web being wound. In this arrangement, the winding pattern is constant torque, which may be adjusted by the operator as required.

When the type 300RW Rewinder is furnished as a plate mounted system, the roll support arbor is an integral cantilevered type. If required the same type of cantilevered arbor Rewinder can be furnished on a free standing frame. In this design, the unit is provided with legs, leveling screws, gussets to support the mounting plate, and a protective sheet metal cover over the drive elements.

For rolls which are too wide, and also for rolls which in their fully wound state are too heavy to be supported on an integral cantilevered arbor, we offer a free standing Rewinder with double end construction (side frames). In this design the roll arbor is supported at both ends and is removable. For winding larger diameter rolls or for winding delicate webs under constant tension, we can furnish the Rewinder with an ultrasonic sensor and controller which provides a feed back to the magnetic particle clutch for altering the output of the clutch automatically.