Waste Matrix Winders provide full press automation when accompanied with CTC Butt Splicers and Turret Rewinders.

CTC Waste Matrix Winders are a new and creative solution to the  problem of reliable non-stop removal of the waste matrix generated from a press or die cutter.

The system reliably and continuously removes the waste without the problems typically associated with pneumatic conveying systems (noise, clogs, oil, high operating expense, etc.)

Typically, the Waste Matrix Winder would be mounted directly over the die cutting machine or press, and suitable mounting framework adaptable to that particular press is available.

The only interface between the Waste Matrix Winder and the Press is a rotary encoder with clips on any free roller (on the press) to send a speed feedback signal to the Matrix Unit.

Shuttling Carriage Waste Matrix Winder


  • Continuous operation-No stops for waste removal.
  • Works with wide range of Subsrates.
  • Dense material compaction.
  • Quiet and clean (no blowers or oil required).
  • Less expensive to operate and maintain than vacuum systems.
  • No ductwork to clog.
  • Adaptable to presses, die cutters, and most other converting processes which produce a matrix waste skeleton.
Turret Matrix Winder