Turret Rewinder Closes Rolls With Ordinary Tape!

Turret Rewinder Closes Rolls With Ordinary Tape!

CTC Introduces a Roll closure taping System for their Turret RewindersTaping Turret Rewinder

West Caldwell, NJ,: CTC International introduces Tape roll closure capabilities to its series of Automatic Turret Rewinder.s

With the Taping Turret Rewinder option, rolls are closed via the unique tail taping system which uses ordinary masking tape to precisely close the rolls. The length of the closure tape can be varied via a simple adjustment to meet varied needs. The advantage of the tape versus a tail labeler is that there are no tail labels needed to be pre-cut. Yet, the taping system still allows the use of virtually 100% of the labels on the completed roll.

Taping Turret RewinderTurrets can also utilize a hot melt spray core glue to attach the new web to the cores. This spray system features the ability to apply a minimum amount of light tach hot melt adhesive, thus allowing the clean release of the last label off the core. The sprayer can be set up to apply the glue on the cores in virtually any desired pattern, while minimizing waste. This system reduces job changeover time by eliminating the need to move glue wheels when jobs change to different web strip widths.The Spray N Tape Turret is available in either 8”, 13”, or 24” finished roll diameters. A wide range of web widths are available for the machine.

For further information please contact Rich Herbert at CTC: 973-228-2300 richh@ctcint.com