Off-Line Turret Rewinder

Off-Line Turret Rewinder

CTC’s “All in One” Off-line Turret Rewinder has everything you need to wind small rolls without the need for a press or slitter rewinder to feed it. This turret is 100% Glueless – Standard!

Standard Features

  • 100% Glueless Production
  • Independent off-line Operation
  • Only 2 Rewind Shafts simplifies operation & changeover
  • Semi-Automatic Core Loader
  • Automatic Roll Eject and Catch Tray
  • Automatic Tail Labeler
  • Unique Web guiding system
  • Integral Splice table
  • Shear or Score Slitting
  • Precise Servo controlled Rewinding
  • Tricycle Gear Caster System
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Color Touch Screen operator interface
  • Super Compact Footprint
  • Fastest Turret to reposition.
  • Auto inflate/deflate Air Shafts
  • Allen Bradley PLC Control
  • Count in feet or meters
  • Electronic job memory system
Off-Line Turret Rewinder


  • Die cutting and matrix removal
  • Automatic core Loader
  • Air Shafts for various core diameters
  • Coreless Winding
  • CE Compliance
  • Precise Count/Cut between labels