RW4-13 Turret Rewinder

RW4-13 Turret Rewinder

The RW4-13 Turret Rewinder is an excellent selection which provides the flexibility to wind both small diameter rolls on small spindles, and larger diameter rolls on larger spindles. It packs a lot of user friendly features in a compact design.


  • Rugged steel plate construction
  • Fast job change over system
  • Fast operator learning curve
  • Compact design
  • Short web part for simplest set-up
  • CTC Pioneered AC Servo Drives
  • Fast Cycling time
  • Slide out core glue pot with “doctor blade” glue wheels
  • Just in Time core gluing for fugitive glues
  • No mechanical connection needed between the turret and the press
  • Cantilever Construction
  • 3″ Air Shafts with bleeder valves for instant core re-positioning
  • Auto air shaft inflate/deflate system
  • Industry standard PLC Control
  • Count in feet or meters
  • Graphical touch screen control system – adjustable height
  • Multiple job memory system
  • Press e-stop connection
  • Convenient “Roll-top” safety guarding
  • Accurately sized air shafts for best finished roll quality
  • Auto swing-back core stop
  • Left or right hand models available
Glued Version RW4-13 Turret Rewinder
Glueless Version RW4-13 Turret Rewinder


  • Coolest Tail Taping System
  • Automatic roll eject
  • Automatic core loader
  • Finished roll transport conveyor
  • Different air shaft diameters
  • CE Compliance
  • Modem for remote diagnostics, program modifications and software upgrades
  • Precise Count/Cut between labels
  • Unique tricycle gear caster system
  • Slitting
  • Telescoping Tramming bar for fast machine alignment to press
  • Glueless Start
  • High speed tail label roll closure system
  • End of roll pen marking system