New Heat Seal Butt Splicer

New Heat Seal Butt Splicer

Heat Seal Butt Splicer: virtually undetectable splices usable in end product
New Heat Seal Butt Splicer: virtually undetectable splices usable in end product. Custom designed to fit your exact requirements.

CTC International introduces its model HSB-ACV-46 driven Heat Seal Butt Splicer.

This new machine allows
non-stop production via high speed automatic roll changes.

Machine is engineered to hold rolls up to 47” diameter X 46” web width. The heat seal butt splicing mechanism provide a clean butt splice with zero tail, allowing the splice to be used in the end product, eliminating the need to cull it out. Machine is CE Compliant. The vector driven unwind system allows splicing at extremely low tensions for delicate materials. A servo drive edition is also available. Outboard shaft supports are available to accommodate large heavy rolls, while preventing roll deflection.

Splicer is an excellent selection for a wide range of heat sealable materials used in the Packaging, Nonwoven, Plastics and Converting industries.

Splicer can be application engineered for a variety of diameters, web widths, web tensions and line speeds.

Features include:

  • Touch Screen operator interface.
  • Tapeless Splicing via Heat Seal Butt Splicing Mechanism.
  • Driven Unwind shafts for light tension
  • Industry Standard PLC Control
  • Modular construction for left or right hand web exit
  • Cantilevered roll loading with outboard support when running
  • CE Compliance

For further information please contact Rich Herbert at CTC  973-228-2300